Life is all about narratives.This LUNARIS believes in so strongly; in fact, its vision has always been to further the human narrative and harness the burst of creativity surging through our universe. Do more and talk less, has always been the bedrock of the motivations we have for most things here at LUNARIS; after all, actions are narratives too.

Hence, pooling all our motivations, visions and mission statements together, we have decided to contribute and be part, not as an addition but supplement, to that tradition that increases literature’s reach to the roots and beyond. Our interests in narrative have open up spaces for that vision to further promote the reading culture, and advance the books’ longevity by publishing books and by so doing advance both the lovers as well as the writers of books. LUNARIS is the publisher of Lunaris Review: A Journal of Art and the Literary and Lunaris Weekly:A Magazine of Humour.

For more enquiries and information, kindly send us a mail at contact@lunaris.com.ng