Lunaris Review was birthed out of the idea that an African journal that would embrace creativity from every corner of the earth was needed on the continent, and in the country. This of course follows the plurivasalist and transcontinental philosophies powering the increasingly globalised, syncretised, and post-modern world.

Lunaris Review is a journal of arts and the literary that celebrates and promotes literatures and art around the world. The journal is published quarterly, and because of its world-centred philosophy towards literature, it places emphasis on aesthetics and ideas; how these have been conceived and employed in a work of art have greater significance than any geographic ties. In other words, Lunaris Review believes the interrelationship between various geographies and demographies, and their histories, realities, and narratives can be achieved and can further lessen the burden of literature and art, and by extension the human world—after all, art is therapeutic and literature reflects—if a platform is created where they can thrive symbiotically.

For more enquiries and information, kindly send us a mail at contact@lunaris.com.ng