Issue 10

may 2018

The Last Song

It could have seen the scary sores on the streets

of your thighs after numberless phalli played forced

pornography in between

in Bani Walid.

It could have seen the sterile clouds hanging

on the after births of your dreams.

But it let you and others to sink with a rickety

boat until your existence became absence.

If you had known you would have stayed

back and joined us in this wilderness called

home, breaking stones with teeth to survive,

wiping tears and blood from brows from

dawn to night.

Oh! You would have!

Dear comrades, you would have...

Madu Chisom Kingdavid is an Award Winning Writer, Historian, Paint Maker and Poet. He’s a graduate of History and International Studies. His work appears in some literary journals, including One, Public Cool, Bombay Review, Kalahari Review, Indiana Voice Journal, African Writer, Expound, Praxis, Afrikrayons etc.

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