Issue 10

may 2018

how old are you?

She stopped halfway

and admired the chandelier.

she wrote something on the wall.

that night, her heart was broken again.

"if tonight, you look through the mirror

and it hurts you, fix the reflection-

fix yourself; mirrors don't lie"

so she wrote, and died.

shadows don't sleep

and they know how it feels

to walk the nights in your shoes.

so ask yours tonight how old you are.

my grandma is sixty

she looks young and pretty;

and you were born in the nineties

but your soul stinks of dirt, and rust.

you have held your wrongs for so long

and they begin to hurt, eating deep

into your body, and mind-

you have really aged.

the sun shines at dawn,

let the beam break you loose

so you may stop numbering days

and live: laugh, dance, now while you can.

Micheal Ace is a poet and writer from Ibadan, Nigeria. He has authored two poetry chapbooks Sermon from a Stammerer and Scarlet Silk. His works have been published on several local and foreign journals, reviews and magazines. He believes that the world is too complex for a pen to remain idle.

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