Issue 3


Dear Readers,

After weeks of wing decisions, groundwork on our part, and anticipation from our trustworthy readers, we are delighted to present to you Lunaris Review’s outstanding Issue 3. Contained is the remarkable narrative of D. Vaisius’ Keith; the lyrical sermon of purification in Outlar’s Fervent Proclamation; the African romanticism of Adulrahman’s Timbuktu and the verdurous canvasses of Keith Moul, David Olufemi and Vineesh Mudrika, to mention a few – all of which intermingle into an iridescent network to beam life and beauty. Simply put, this third issue is an embodiment of creatively queer sermons.

Consequently, conscious of our stance as a mediator between illecebrous and brilliant artistry and intelligent readership (the world), it was not an easy endeavour, as our editors had to sift through piles of outstanding submissions to select the few that made this issue. We received a lot, but unfortunately could not publish all. This only ascertains the burst of creativity surging through our world, and the place of journals in harnessing this energy.

We are inestimably grateful to those who entrust us with their works and those who gave us the opportunity to share their creativity. In addition, we would like to use this medium in welcoming and to appreciate the undaunted effort of new members of the editorial team: Andanje Wobanda, the new fiction/nonfiction editor; Victor Ogunsola, the manuscript editor and Hezekiah Oluwadele, the assistant graphics editor.

Dear readers, instead of going on and on, we would allow the issue speak for itself. We urge your continual readership and support alike, and hope that through this symbiotic relationship we can bring Art to its deserved place.

Do have a gratifying read.

Tolulope Oke & Damilare Bello
Co-founding Editors, Lunaris Review