Issue 5


“When someone received a knock on the head with a hammer or an anvil, a huge banana would grow out of their scalp. For years, I couldn’t eat bananas…”

These lines are from Ricky Garni’s “Cartoon” written in an amusing literary fashion. One would definitely get caught in its web of aesthetic fascination. Words cannot fully express the amusement of words; the staccato of artistic strokes and the beauty in lines when you flip through the pages of Issue 5.

There are no limitations, except the ones we create for ourselves. At Lunaris Review, we have yet again pushed the creativity boundaries, and have achieved a mark of literary finesse, bringing you the best of different artists. We have done a bit more by capturing the true essence of art and literature: our hybrid piece “My Saviour” by Maribella Genova breathes in a new phase of literary expression, or better put, “a landmark achievement in the realm of modern psychological English prose fiction” according to Dr. Dalip Khetarpal.

Dear readers, with all pomp and pageantry, we are pleased to present the awesomeness of Lunaris Review’s Issue 5. If you were to take a day off from the troubles of the world, where would you go? Nicole Fougère knows exactly where to go. Or should we speak life into the eccentric capture of “Women in Vanity”? We would leave that for you to decide. Enough cannot be said of “Vagina”. It is that deep and deep does many things. The “Generative Genesis of Grammar” with its play on words is another remarkable piece. We have garnered the finest reads and we hope to satiate your reading appetite.

Dear lovely readers, we urge your continual readership and hope you find this Issue interesting enough to catch your fancy. To those who entrusted us their works and those who gave us the opportunity to share their creativity, we are grateful.

We wish you a pleasant reading.

Eniola Cole
Managing Editor, Lunaris Review